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Monday, March 26, 2007

Tonight's Dinner

Posted on 22:19 by Chris

Like most of the overseas students, who needed to take care of most of their daily life themselves, I have to decide many stuffs to make life easier.

Washing clothes, tidy up my room and preparing meals filled up most of the week's schedules, while squeezing time to study to get through the hard final subjects.

In this post I would like to share something in preparing meals, one of the most frustrating thing I need to deal with everyday. I maybe better that the others have, as mostly I only have to prepare dinner while I have most of my lunch time at uni's canteen. I know that some people prepares both lunch and dinner themselves, as because they either wanna to save money and to avoid to put those even-the-same and not-so-good tasted canteen food in their mouth. But I think I'm really hard to archive that coz' there's already not much time for me and I'm already get frustrated from cooking.

But so why not to have dinner at uni? As I've mentioned, uni's meals is just-right, it's always the same stuffs you're going to eat and it's not very good taste, even the price is actually quite expensive when comparing with McDonald's: it meals costs about 6 bucks and you can get the meal with drinks; but for the uni's you pay the same price but have NO DRINKS and SMALLER SIZED MEALS!!

Normally everyday in the week except Wednesdays I'll cook the dinner for myself and I'll buy uni's meals for dinner only on Wed, that's just because I've to school until 5 on that day only.

If I really don't wanna to cook on certain days, then I will go to the nearby Subway to buy it's subs for dinner. (I loved Subway very much!)

I goes to the supermarket every Saturday or Tuesday (off school days) and think hard to find out what to cook with least effort, that is, the stuffs that are easiest to prepare and cook. Often I will cook pasta for weekdays and steak for weekends, and sometimes do some "stir-fry" Chinese dishes (which is always with either beef or chicken and some veggies).

I seldom cook seafood as most seafood found in the supermarkets are frozen and thus NOT FRESH. Right until last Saturday when I visited a local supermarket Coles I discovered that there has small section within the meats display is selling fresh-looked seafood. I am so excited to see that through it only offering a limited range of seafood. I've then bought some garlic prawns off there.

One interesting thing I found during day in the supermarket is that I found some food products are actually produced from Hong Kong - not on the Asian food aisle. This including Soya bean milk and Doll (公仔) frozen foods.

The process of making a dinner is frustrating for me because I have to firstly prepare the raw foods, cut them (if needed), prepare the rice or pasta, and cook them, and I've to wash everything afterwards. I am really remembering the times when my mum prepares the meals for me, umm...

So as I mentioned, this week I will have fresh prawns and also skewers of chicken, with Greek salad for my nights' dinner.

Maybe sometime in the future I will share some of my dinner recipes in my website.

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