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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting started... my studies

Posted on 22:48 by Chris

Just giving you guys an update what's happened so far...

So it is going to be the third week since I started school again.

The works seem still fine for me so far, not much really hard to do. One thing is getting close is that I need to hand in the first part of my assignment next week. Through it's a group assignment but it still could be hard for us and I have had done a little so far.

One subject deemed to be easy for me as the only assignment students need to do for that is creating a website. Maybe because I'm quite proficient on writing webpages, I really don't feel any pressure on that yet.

I've met some of my friends again but I still not willing to go out with them yet.

About my home, there was quite scary on something happened on one night last week. When I going to prepare for my dinner, I didn't notice anything different in the kitchen right until... I discovered that there was a COCKROACH crawling along the wall! Since I'm quite frightened by the cockroach, I did not know what should I do to get it away or kill it. I tried to throw something and shooting rubber bands to it (hoping it go away), until I asked the owner to borrow cockroach spray and spray on it. Then to ensure it's dead, I poured some boiled water to it to send to direct to hell!

That was very scary to me and at last I didn't have so much mood to cook and eat my dinner!

To avoid such things happen again, I bought my own spray and some cockroach baits to do a "revenge", amazingly, there has no more cockroaches to appear to date!

Let's hope this will continue and I will give you the next bulletin next week.

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