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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Good, Bad and Sad News

Posted on 10:11 by Chris

I'm sorry for the delayed blog post. Here's a round up for the recent happenings around me and others of the recent weeks. There has a few Good, Bad and also Sad news. Let me tell you about the Sad thing first.

In condolence to the event. Photo by AP, retrieved from CNN.com
Photo on left by AP, retrieved from CNN.com.

The sad news is definitely being the Virginia Tech Massacre that happened recently. I guess you should know about the detail of the incident and therefore I'm not going to talk more detail on it. But hereby I'm giving my condolence to the victims of the event. Hoping one day there will be guns free from citizen's hands.

Now the bad news. The first is the news of that Apple is delaying to ship the next update of my favourite OS of all time - Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, until October. Through I bet I won't be buying it for my old iBook, but I am always planning to buy a new Apple laptop with Leopard. This is just delayed and giving me more time to fund my plan to update my Apple hardware. Really looking forward to see what are those "Secret Features" are in the upcoming WWDC07.

The second bad news is that, last night, I was with my friends to dinner at Southport (nearby suburb of my home at Gold Coast, Australia). Everyone was having a bit of chatting during the dinner, until almost at the end suddenly a blast has shocked us - Some stupid Aussie guys in a car threw an egg toward us. Thankfully there was no one got hit directly, but this already once again raised my own and the others' concern about personal security and safe-less of the region. The intention behind the incident is unknown, some says it's about racism, but I'm thinking that this is just a kind of stupidity of those guys, they are just being crazy. Coincidentally, this incident was just happened almost 1 year after my robbery incident done by, again, those stupid Aussies.

That's are all the bad news, now are the Good news. For all the pop music fans around the world, everyone should be rocked by this most recent big news. Yes, it is the long, long waited third album from Avril Lavigne - The Best Damn Thing.

I've been waited for really long time for this album, at the date of release (April 14 in Australia), I've got my self my own copy of it.

The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne

Furthermore, you can always see my recent played mysic, music styles at my Last.fm page.

The last news is that recently it was a hard week for me, there was exams and I had to study almost every day. Luckily yesterday the results were released and I've found that I've passed two of those exams so far.

Best wishes


Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!

Posted on 16:54 by Chris

Hi guys!

It's Easter Holiday! I wish you all have happy Easter times!

Best wishes