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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The First Post!

Posted on 02:22 by Chris

Welcome to Behind Chris On-Line. This is the blog about the daily life of Chris.

While the main site -- ChrisOn-Line.net is still working in progress, I just can't wait for writing up my blog...

This blog will feature the stuffs and events I see everyday and share them up here... So let me get this started...

Since I come back from Australia a few weeks ago, it's quite boring over here in Hong Kong. Everyday what I do is almost the same, like stayin' at home, shop with mom or yum-cha, nothin' more...

Yesterday morning I went to yum-cha (again!) wit my mom & dad, I didn't eat much... those food were so oily and I really didn't feel like eating them...

After a few hours stayin' there, finally I could get out... Then I went to buy the TV set wit my dad, that's for my future new home. I wonder how good will it be when that LCD TV set sitting in my home!

Right after that I off to Wan Chai and Causeway Bay to do some window shopping, the only thing I bought is the Qcode Chinese Input software for my lovely iBook.
During the time I went to CB's PageOne to check out some designer books, bought a Starbucks coffee. I was originally organized Oscar to meet wit me and check out the DC shoes at Double Park, but however he was unable to make it due to studies, so I just head back home afterwards...

Then I felt so starving, so I bought a takeaway meal at Mckkers (McDonald's) and finally back to home... Over the night I was just browsin' the net, have some chat, teachin' my bros...

I caught up wit one of my best friend Vivian (www.xanga.com/jokemagic [Chinese Only]), and realized her sister, my another best friend, Yvonne left HK again just a few days ago... I haven't seen them almost 2 years! Vivian said Yvonne will be back February, hopefully I could catch her up this time...

At the time I writing this post, I still haven't got showered, so still couldn't sleep (I really wanna to sleep early! But I just can't fulfil that!)

What a day!

Anyway, keep checking back here and of course, ChrisOn-Line.net for another story about me!
Thanks for reading my blog!

Any Comments?

Blogger Chris at 3:01 am GMT+10 said:

This is me, Chris again... Just to test the comments function.

Have your say now!

Anonymous Javee Lam at 2:24 am GMT+10 said:

This is not a test now. This is a real comment.

I think your blog is colorful. But the blog title "COL" is very difficult to other visitor to know the meaning of it.

Does it mean "Chris On-Line"?


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