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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm Graduated!!

Posted on 13:06 by Chris

Hi guys!

Yesterday I've marked my big step to the bigger picture, I've graduated and granted the Bachelor of Hotel Management.
I'm joined by my family - My mom, uncle and my auntie.

Please check out the photos at:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Charging iPhone and Apple Bluetooth headset

Posted on 01:45 by Chris

iPhone Bluetooth Headset Unboxing (July 23, 2007)

Originally uploaded by nomad7674
Look how elegant when charging both the iPhone and Apple Bluetooth headset together, the iPhone screen displays a nice and large charge status indicator to tell you both devices' battery status.

Only from Apple!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sydney Holiday

Posted on 13:28 by Chris

Sydney Opera House

Originally uploaded by chrison_line
Hi guys!

Gotta catch you all up as it has been a long time since last post.
I was busying on my final exams late last month, and then off to Sydney a week after. I was just back from there a few days ago.

That was really a good holiday as I finally can get close to those world renowned Sydney landmarks like Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

They are really beautiful in architecture and made me went out to see them frequently and took lots of pics of them.

Shopping in Sydney is much better and I could say it's best among Australia. There's lots of shops in CBD and are quite up-to-date in terms of fashion. It's much liked Hong Kong. One thing was surprised to me that the supermarkets over there open till late for 6 days, so that you no longer to race into them for early closes like in Gold Coast and Brisbane.

I was suffered from Aerosinusitis during my flight down to there and it was severely pain at the left side of my face. I was so afraid to fly again so I've decided to come back by train and coach. This could be once-of-my-life-time opportunity as the trip was very long (16 hours) and taken for whole night (4pm to 7am). The train trip lets me to try travel on Aussie trains and see the rural Aussie landscapes (through it's actually barely to see anything at nighttime). However I was really enjoyed the 2.5 hr long coach leg of the journey afterwards, as I can experience traveling in rural Australian highways at night, as everything other than the coach's headlamps was absolutely dark, and the coach was traveling at high speed (100km/h) through the curly roads and through the small Aussie towns - till the Sun rises.

My trip was originally supposed to be a few days longer, but I have to rush back as I've need to sit a supplementary exam in order to graduate.

I am planned in the next few days or weeks I will post detailed journey diary to the blog, so please keep checking back to the COL Blog for that!!!

Btw, I've uploaded all my Sydney Holiday photos on to my Flickr account, feel free to view them at: