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Monday, June 11, 2007

Something Cool on YouTube, plus updates on Chris On-Line.net

Posted on 17:54 by Chris

Hi guys!

I recently spotted a very cool video clip showing the famous Breakout game projected and played on a wall of a building, while the ball amazingly interacts with the objects of the building (like windows, edge of the wall) as obstacles:


Besides, there also has something cool on my website, I've updated with my birthday photos and a special graduation page.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Next in the race around the world... Hong Kong

Posted on 01:40 by Chris

Just hours ago, I caught up with the popular reality show The Amazing Race. Current season shown here in Australia is season 11 All Star Edition. Where this episode the teams were travelled to Hong Kong, and I believe this is the first time Hong Kong is a major leg in the race.

The Amazing Race in Hong Kong

This time the teams has gone through Road Blocks, Detours and Fast Forward in Hong Kong and most of these tasks are related to movie industry of Hong Kong.

Spoiler Warning: One thing was very funny to me, is that at one point in this episode when teams were instructed to travel across the Victoria Harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island by Star Ferry. At the point the teams get the clue, one team mistakenly told their taxi driver to "Star Ferry, Hong Kong Island" and therefore the driver drove them to the Hong Kong side of the ferry pier. While the team still didn't know they're already at Hong Kong Island at that point, they then get on a Star Ferry and travelled back to Kowloon side. Right until they asked a local on board and finally realized they have been stupid for that, and so they remained on the same boat and travelled back to the island side.

Through this had wasted some amount of time, the team were still lucky enough to be the third team (of four teams) to arrive at the Pit Stop.

I know that is only gonna humorous to Hong Kong people or those who know Hong Kong very much, but I guess this is worth to share, as I am so excited the race took place in my home place.

For more detail on this leg of the race, visit this Wikipedia page.

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Airbus A380 in Sydney

Posted on 20:55 by Chris

I recently spotted that the gigantic Airbus A380 is in Sydney, from the TV news. The following is a video clip recorded from today's 6pm Channel Nine news about this event:

This video shown a bit glimpse of the interior of the air craft everyone wants to fly with. Hope when the first day A380 out for commercial service, you or me will have a chance to fly with it!

For more on this news, visit Sydney Morning Herald's article:

Sydney Morning Herald's website also has another video clip on A380:

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This week

Posted on 21:28 by Chris

This week isn't just about the iPhone and Apple. But also about a lot more for me.

Exam is coming for me, as soon as next Tuesday. This time I have 5 exams and should be the last exam for me.
This week is the study week for me and I'm really working hard for it, as I cannot fail any of the exams or otherwise I will need to stay here for another semester (means another 6 months), you should know that I should be graduating this semester.

Besides that, I've used a few hours apart from my study time (relax mom and dad, I did this when I get bored from study) redesigned this blog. Hope you guys will like it. The new design realigned some of the things at the blog, in particular the browse links that now grouped together on the left of the page. And the stuffs about myself are grouped together on the right. In overall the new design provides a clearer look, with less colors used for easy reading.

Tell me what you think by leaving your comment now.

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iPhone... Coming June 29

Posted on 21:17 by Chris

I am excited when I heard this news yesterday. Apple has just announced that they are releasing the much anticipated iPhone coming late this month - June 29, through of course I won't be able to grab myself one at least until 2008. I really hope the iPhone can push Apple to yet another golden time after the iPod phenomenon.

Plus Apple's coming big event, Worldwide Developer Conference 2007 (WWDC 07) is just around the corner, next Monday. Get prepared for some big news from Apple.

Learn more about the iPhone (New Window)
Learn more about Apple WWDC 07 (New Window)

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