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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Just back to Australia...

Posted on 14:10 by Chris

Hi guys!

I'm just back to Australia and moved to a new residence nearly for week.
I've moved away from my old residence that has a stunning ocean view (hope you can remember if you've keep checked out my old site!), and now moved to a sharehouse that owns by a Hong Kong family.

It was quite frustrating when I move as I've got so much stuffs! It's almost 20 cartons for my stuffs! Luckily, is that, this time my dad also comes with me as he's got two weeks holiday off work, and therefore he helped me to pack all things up and move.

The sharehouse now I am stayin' totally has three rooms for students, each room similar in size and all shares the toilet, bathroom and kitchen. Everything here is quite okay for me except the kitchen maybe a bit dirty as cockroaches can be seen sometimes, and we only have a small electronic heat plate to cook. But these are not really the fact makes me not 100% like here as that can make me spend more time on study.

The real fact is that the owner's family has a young daughter (less than 10 yrs old), she was quite annoying with me on the first three days here. She often came to my room asking to play with and kept jumping on my bed! Thankfully on the recent two days she seems to be less energetic and seldom see her knocking the door. Otherwise I guess I won't have much quiet time to study unless stayin at uni!

For my studies, I started my first week for this semester (actually this should be my last semester for my degree, hopefully I could pass all subjects and graduate!). It's not much to learn this week, it's all about introduction.

The subjects now I'm studying are seem more critical and realistic than the ones I've gone through before. One subject requires students to do a 3000 words group report (IN GROUPS thankfully!) plus each student need to manage a hotel simulated to run in real world throughout the semester. Students have to make critical decision for that hotel for it to gain profit as we need to run it like a real hotel.

Hope this will be gone through without too much hassle...

Good luck for everyone!

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