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Monday, December 18, 2006

Yet another boring day...

Posted on 01:25 by Chris

Everyday is feeling just the same for me, wake up (in the afternoon), lunch, dinner and sleep again...
Although today I have gone out Yum Cha wit my family, but that still so boring for me.

One quite interesting thing is that I have discussed wit my dad about buying a new computer, I was so surprised that my dad agreed that. So then I tried to lure him to buy an iMac, telling him the mac is very stable, safe, compact and can even run two operating system (Mac OS X and the poor Windows XP). Hopefully an iMac could sit in my home in the near future!

My job application for Starbucks still has no response, although I still can see their job posting on job websites. Maybe I will sent the application again tomorrow, or hopefully I will get their call soon.

..Just updated the tweaked the blog design, with the all-new-name: the COL blog, which stands for Chris On-Line or Chris On-Life. I think this more suitable for the contents of the blog.

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