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Monday, February 05, 2007

Busy Movin'

Posted on 05:51 by Chris

Hi guys...

Sorry 4 that the blog have been quiet 4 long since last post.

I've been helping out my home to move almost a month. Our home has been moved into a all new unit after nearly 2 months build.

Yesterday was the first day our family "fully" moved and living in our new home.

Let me tell about a bit about the design of the new unit...

My home features an "open kitchen", which is a kitchen without any walls and even a bar to separate itself and the lounge and dining area. This makes the whole area feels lot more bigger.

The lounge area (this includes the dining area) features lots of selves made with glass, allowing us to decorate with photos and some decorative stuffs.

There has two toilets, one for me and my fellow brothers, and the other one for my parents. The two toilets has their own color theme, green and red: featured in glass-like mosaic walls.

My room is lot more bigger than the old one, features a large wide single bed, LCD TV entertainment system, selves for my books and, a large desk for me to work.

One interesting thing about the new home is that, almost 85% of the furniture are bought from the famous Swedish furniture giant, IKEA; and 70% of the electronics are from LG Electronics.

On the other hand, I am soon be back to Australia later this month, the bad thing about it is that I also need to move over there as the leasing agreement of my Aussie home is ending early March. So far I am still looking for another suitable place to stay, hopefully this won't take long... I see I will get sick of moving soon.

Oh anyway it actually it's about 4am now, I really gotta 2 sleep!

See you with next bulletin of my blog!

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