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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

They thought I speak English!!

Posted on 01:52 by Chris

Today I went out to Causeway Bay to return a product for a refund.

My nose was so itchy while going out, maybe that's because there's so cold in Hong Kong or my allergy with such polluted environment.

So I reached the shop, I asked them in Cantonese for refunding a product, but I don't know whether he couldn't hear what I was saying or not, he asked an English-speaking staff to help me. I was so surprised for this, and so I used English for the whole process. This is the first time I used English for shopping in Hong Kong.

The process was so slow, and that staff seemed found hard when completing it. She called her boss to help her out and still, her boss was keep using English to talk wit me.

Anyway this is quite an interesting thing I've been today.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Yet another boring day...

Posted on 01:25 by Chris

Everyday is feeling just the same for me, wake up (in the afternoon), lunch, dinner and sleep again...
Although today I have gone out Yum Cha wit my family, but that still so boring for me.

One quite interesting thing is that I have discussed wit my dad about buying a new computer, I was so surprised that my dad agreed that. So then I tried to lure him to buy an iMac, telling him the mac is very stable, safe, compact and can even run two operating system (Mac OS X and the poor Windows XP). Hopefully an iMac could sit in my home in the near future!

My job application for Starbucks still has no response, although I still can see their job posting on job websites. Maybe I will sent the application again tomorrow, or hopefully I will get their call soon.

..Just updated the tweaked the blog design, with the all-new-name: the COL blog, which stands for Chris On-Line or Chris On-Life. I think this more suitable for the contents of the blog.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The First Post!

Posted on 02:22 by Chris

Welcome to Behind Chris On-Line. This is the blog about the daily life of Chris.

While the main site -- ChrisOn-Line.net is still working in progress, I just can't wait for writing up my blog...

This blog will feature the stuffs and events I see everyday and share them up here... So let me get this started...

Since I come back from Australia a few weeks ago, it's quite boring over here in Hong Kong. Everyday what I do is almost the same, like stayin' at home, shop with mom or yum-cha, nothin' more...

Yesterday morning I went to yum-cha (again!) wit my mom & dad, I didn't eat much... those food were so oily and I really didn't feel like eating them...

After a few hours stayin' there, finally I could get out... Then I went to buy the TV set wit my dad, that's for my future new home. I wonder how good will it be when that LCD TV set sitting in my home!

Right after that I off to Wan Chai and Causeway Bay to do some window shopping, the only thing I bought is the Qcode Chinese Input software for my lovely iBook.
During the time I went to CB's PageOne to check out some designer books, bought a Starbucks coffee. I was originally organized Oscar to meet wit me and check out the DC shoes at Double Park, but however he was unable to make it due to studies, so I just head back home afterwards...

Then I felt so starving, so I bought a takeaway meal at Mckkers (McDonald's) and finally back to home... Over the night I was just browsin' the net, have some chat, teachin' my bros...

I caught up wit one of my best friend Vivian (www.xanga.com/jokemagic [Chinese Only]), and realized her sister, my another best friend, Yvonne left HK again just a few days ago... I haven't seen them almost 2 years! Vivian said Yvonne will be back February, hopefully I could catch her up this time...

At the time I writing this post, I still haven't got showered, so still couldn't sleep (I really wanna to sleep early! But I just can't fulfil that!)

What a day!

Anyway, keep checking back here and of course, ChrisOn-Line.net for another story about me!
Thanks for reading my blog!