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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

They thought I speak English!!

Posted on 01:52 by Chris

Today I went out to Causeway Bay to return a product for a refund.

My nose was so itchy while going out, maybe that's because there's so cold in Hong Kong or my allergy with such polluted environment.

So I reached the shop, I asked them in Cantonese for refunding a product, but I don't know whether he couldn't hear what I was saying or not, he asked an English-speaking staff to help me. I was so surprised for this, and so I used English for the whole process. This is the first time I used English for shopping in Hong Kong.

The process was so slow, and that staff seemed found hard when completing it. She called her boss to help her out and still, her boss was keep using English to talk wit me.

Anyway this is quite an interesting thing I've been today.

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