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Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Posted on 02:00 by Chris

Finally another year has just passed, it's 2007!

Happy New Year to you all!

Where were you guys had been to on NYE? Joining the countdown party? or stay home?

I was the latter one. I stayed at home and countdown with my family. This year Hong Kong truly a great place for welcoming 2007, as there has a Nokia New Year's Eve Big Party over here. There has only 5 cities in the world could such lucky be selected, and Hong Kong is one of them.

However I didn't join it, not just by the fact that you've to buy an Nokia phone to get entry to the party, it's because there had very few internation star to join the party. I remembered that when there was about a month ago from the party, the Black Eyed Peas was rumored to join the Hong Kong party. Sadly as the time closer to the event, there was confirmed that BEP was not joining the HK party, instead the less popular Atomic Kitten was the only international star to come.

Anyway, I hope everyone to have a Happy New Year!

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