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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This week

Posted on 21:28 by Chris

This week isn't just about the iPhone and Apple. But also about a lot more for me.

Exam is coming for me, as soon as next Tuesday. This time I have 5 exams and should be the last exam for me.
This week is the study week for me and I'm really working hard for it, as I cannot fail any of the exams or otherwise I will need to stay here for another semester (means another 6 months), you should know that I should be graduating this semester.

Besides that, I've used a few hours apart from my study time (relax mom and dad, I did this when I get bored from study) redesigned this blog. Hope you guys will like it. The new design realigned some of the things at the blog, in particular the browse links that now grouped together on the left of the page. And the stuffs about myself are grouped together on the right. In overall the new design provides a clearer look, with less colors used for easy reading.

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